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Adrian Smith16:02:23

I'm trying to use clj-kondo on emacs I've installed the extension via package-install and added (require 'flycheck-clj-kondo) to my init.el but nothing lints unless I run :global-flycheck-mode in evil mode, then it works but that's not persistent, what am I missing?

Adrian Smith16:02:30

ah I think (global-flycheck-mode 1) in init.el has "fixed" it


I've got a clj-kondo build here which adds type checks for function calls: It's probably not perfect yet, but what it catches at the moment is for example:


Welcome to test it out on more examples and report non-working ones.

Cora (she/her)22:02:11

I have a macro that is like (with-temp-directory path (do-stuff-with path)) and I can't find a macro that this is similar enough to it except def

Cora (she/her)22:02:20

and clj-kondo is complaining about an inline def

Cora (she/her)22:02:41

anyone have thoughts on how to address this?


yeah, it's hacky but linting as cljs.test/async works 🙂

Cora (she/her)22:02:17

oh, wow, it does


I have to say thanks again to clj-kondo. I had several tips of really useful feedback during my live coding broadcast today. clj-kondo feels like I am constantly pairing with a trusted friend who lovingly stops me from making silly mistakes and helps me write more idiomatic code. (and this is with a version that's a couple of months old).

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Cora (she/her)22:02:48

that type checking stuff will be really nice to have


I did find a type error in a proprietary project just now, but it was probably in some unused code: