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Kari Marttila11:06:44

I have used Emacs every now and then but I'm not an Emacs guru. I was wondering if there is an easy way to remap the typical key bindings in cider (evaluating expressions in code, loading file to repl, slurp, barf in code...). The reason for this is that I'd like those bindings to be the same I use with Cursive so that the same bindings are in my finger muscle memory.

Kari Marttila12:06:03

Actually I just now realized that there is above by @ccann an example of this. I'll use that as an example.


Hi, a short question, I'm using cider in jack-in-mode but when I create like a foo variable in the xx.core namespace, I get no such var .. error. But restarting cider it see the var


If I restart with C-x C-s r


I'm doing something wrong ? :thinking_face:


ah yep, so I have forgot to compile with C-C C-k facepalm 😭 😁 ok


I was remembering wrong that it auto-evaluated after I saved.. but it has been a while I didn't use it 😁