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> Also wondering what it would take to include something like this in appropriate community project… e.g. cider/orchard etc…


I’m not familiar with REBL at all, otherwise I wouldn’t mind helping.


Such middleware sounds like something that should belong in cider-nrepl potentially.


> Also it would be good to make the setup process a little easier; and find the appropriate incantations for leiningen etc… Though on that point I based it off the latest nrepl… so I’m assuming I’ll have to downgrade it to the contrib version to do that??


That would also take care of this problem, as cider-nrepl picks the nREPL version to use at runtime, although in a release or two I’ll drop any support for tools.nrepl. I’m just waiting on the new lein release, so there’s something all lein users can easily upgrade to.


Ok I’ll take a look and see how it’s done there… I’ve currently been trying to do stuff like this: but I get some strange problems


Really enjoying the cider-debug feature. Its a great way to help people learn Clojure, showing them the values of symbols and expressions as you step through the code. Thanks.


I've recently been getting into this as well, I love it. I need to get all the bindings set up as some of the defaults don't work great with some evil conflicts but for next, continue, locals which is mostly what I use it for it's great


speaking of, how do you set a breakpoint at a specific point


@jr0cket Happy to hear this!


I’ve been developing using Datomic Ions. One of the features it provides is a logging feature called datomic.ion.cast, which logs to Cloudwatch when running in AWS and with other options (such as logging to stdout) when developing locally. When redirecting to stdout locally, I get StackOverflowError when redirecting to stdout. Redirecting to stderr and files works fine. I’ve got a repro case (including the description and the error) here:


Any thoughts on where this might be?