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@rickmoynihan What does the middleware do exactly?


> ok further down it expands on the above — so looks like :requires are before


Yeah, seems you’ve sorted this out.


@bozhidar: it wraps :transport and basically just calls (ui/inspect (datafy value)) as a side effect. After you’ve either run (rebl/ui) or have sent :op "start-rebl-ui" the inspected values should display in REBL.


Wondering if someone who actually has experience writing middlewares could take a look at it though… There might be a better way to hook in to the chain. Also wondering what it would take to include something like this in appropriate community project… e.g. cider/orchard etc… I’d also started writing some emacs lisp to send the :op "start-rebl-ui" command — so you can open the inspector with a keypress from emacs - but I haven’t got very far with that yet. Also it would be good to make the setup process a little easier; and find the appropriate incantations for leiningen etc… Though on that point I based it off the latest nrepl… so I’m assuming I’ll have to downgrade it to the contrib version to do that??


Anyway I’m very keen for feedback on how we can improve it


I need to run a couple figwheel connections at once... where in my project.clj should I put the ':server-port 3450' configuration?


I think it goes in a :figwheel section at the top level.


This is one of my project files, look at the last few lines.