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@michal Sorry about the broken URL. We didn’t figure out that removing the files from which the old site was built would nuke it. I assume it would just stay like it used to be. Maybe it’s possible to redirect it somehow. We’ll see about that.


When I try to dive into clj-http.cookies/cookie-store, I found it is created by object (BasicCookieStore.). Then I use cider-doc on it. But it's docstring is empty. I open the javadoc link in the popuped buffer. It opened wrong URL in browser. How can I check out doc for those Java class/objects easily in CIDER?


Hi, how can I automatically call a function (start my webapp) when the REPL is connected? 🙂


I just upgraded to the latest version of Cider, still running Clojure 1.9, and the first time I enter an expression at the REPL, I get several dozen boxed math warnings emanating from fipp. What's going on and how do I stop these messages?

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They are coming from a transitive dependency. There’s nothing I can do about those. They have to fixed upstream.


That makes sense, but why are the messages only appearing now after the upgrade if fipp itself hasn't changed?


Is there some variable controlling the warnings that is set to true by default now?


I see the warning cider-cljs-lein-repl is obsolete (since 0.17); use 'cider-default-cljs-repl' instead in my emacs *Messages* but can’t find any mention of cider-cljs-lein-repl in my config. Does anyone know what to do?


ahh it’s ok it’s set in a .dir-locals.el


hmm looks like I probably need to set a custom repl type in cider-cljs-repl-types


@bozhidar You might want to rebuild cider-nrepl, I've pushed a fixed snapshot of Compliment that addresses the JDK10 issue


I also test against JDK11 now, works so far.


I use refactor-clj and namespace clean (cljr-clean-ns) feature. It works great but I always have to add manually the namespaces I've required but not used in the code (like namespace with clojure.spec model or namespace with mount states). Is it possible to mark those namespaces so they won't be removed in the clean up process?


i think there is rather a config option for this @darnok


letme check


i guess this is what you looking for


(defcustom cljr-libspec-whitelist
  '("^cljsns" "^slingshot.test" "^monger.joda-time" "^monger.json")
  "List of regexes to match against libspec names which shouldn't be pruned.

This is useful when `clean-ns' should leave a libspec alone even
if it appears to be unused."
  :group 'cljr
  :type '(repeat string))


you can also list files you don't want to be cleaned


thanks 🙂

Ian Fernandez17:10:26

Guys, How can I set enviroment variables to Cider detect when I jack-in?

Ian Fernandez17:10:42

export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS="/home/user/Downloads/[FILE_NAME].json"

Ian Fernandez17:10:52

I'm trying to export these credentials

Ian Fernandez17:10:32

I'm new using some spacemacs/cider


There's an Emacs Lisp function called setenv. Not 100% sure if CIDER will pick up on that but it's worth a try.


(setenv "GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS" "/home/user/Downloads/[FILE_NAME].json")

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Ian Fernandez17:10:35

There's a way on customize group?


you can evaluate that using M-:, or e.g. from the *scratch* buffer with C-x C-e

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Ian Fernandez17:10:02

I'll put on dotspacemacs/user-config


yep that should work

Ian Fernandez17:10:40

I'll see if it works

Ian Fernandez17:10:30

There's a command to see the variables set?

Ian Fernandez17:10:35

like an env on bash?


I think it should work, if it doesn't then you'll either have to set that env var before starting emacs, or customizing the command that CIDER runs to start Clojure

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(shell-command-to-string "env") 😄

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Ian Fernandez17:10:15

I did env on eshell and went 😃


How can I make cider aware of :source-paths? For me, C-x C-e breaks when I set :source-paths to something like src/clj.


I get "Namespace not found" message in the echo area.

Ian Fernandez17:10:22

Cider didn't pick =|


@d.ian.b are you using lein or boot or clojure cli?

Ian Fernandez17:10:48

when I use

lein repl
in bash it works

Ian Fernandez17:10:58

but in emacs it doesn't

Ian Fernandez17:10:36

when I start cider


you can try something like this, create a wrapper script (e.g. ~/my-lein)


export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS="/home/user/Downloads/[FILE_NAME].json"
lein "[email protected]"


then customize cider-lein-command to use your wrapper


(make sure to chmod +x my-lein)

Ian Fernandez17:10:32

it didn't work

Ian Fernandez17:10:42

I don't know how cider is booting on spacemacs,

Ian Fernandez17:10:22

aw, it's clojure-cli

Ian Fernandez17:10:02

changing to lein and I'll see if it works

Ian Fernandez17:10:01

there's a way to jack-in a lein repl session

Ian Fernandez17:10:49

only with this I handled