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Michael Fiano01:10:57

Does anyone know why I would only get eldoc signature hints in the REPL, and not a source buffer?

Michael Fiano01:10:07

This is making it really difficult to learn Clojure 馃槥


couple things to check. 1) is the buffer connected to CIDER? can you evaluate code from it? 2) is eldoc-mode enabled there? might be that simple


if those don't pan out for you and you suspect that its something a bit deeper, you can use m-x toggle-nrepl-message-logging (might be different command but it is similar)`, and look for the info command going out in the *nrepl-messages-[project-name]* buffer


there you can see what is going across the wire to your app which is responsible for answering the eldoc question


I鈥檇 bet that eldoc-mode is not enabled in clojure-mode buffers.


@borkdude Yeah, turns out there鈥檚 a small bug in reply that needs to be fixed. An oversight of mine.


Great work!


now we can have callouts in cljdoc! 馃槀 oh the yak shaving...


nice! 馃檪 What's the motivation behind also having an Antora setup?


and funny that the domain is 馃槃


I guess we still wanted a standalone site, @dominicm came with Antora. I just assumed he picked something great. 馃槈


> and funny that the domain is 馃槃


That鈥檚 on @arrdem. 馃槃 He has the domain and I could never get him to update the DNS settings, so I just bought the cheapest domain I could for people not to have to type a long URL. 馃檪


@dominicm Btw, seems you never updated the config file for cljdoc. 馃槃 馃槃 馃槃

馃檲 8

Thought about this a few times before but just logged this issue as well:

Karol W贸jcik15:10:32

Hello guys 馃檪 Does anyone experience very slow cursor move when trying to look into some namespace inside jar file? If yes do you know some kind of remedy for that?

Karol W贸jcik15:10:42

CPU report
- command-execute                                                6223  61%
 - call-interactively                                            6223  61%
  - funcall-interactively                                        6223  61%
   - counsel-M-x                                                 6219  61%
    + ivy-read                                                   6172  60%
    + counsel--M-x-externs                                         47   0%
   - evil-next-line                                                 2   0%
    + evil-line-move                                                2   0%
   - evil-previous-line                                             2   0%
    - evil-line-move                                                2   0%
     + previous-line                                                2   0%
- redisplay_internal (C function)                                3675  36%
 - eval                                                          3658  35%
  - spaceline-ml-all-the-icons                                   3655  35%
   + projectile-project-p                                        1851  18%
   + spaceline-all-the-icons--buffer-path                        1763  17%
     powerline-render                                               6   0%
   + powerline-raw                                                  4   0%
   + run-hooks                                                      3   0%
   + spaceline--get-face                                            3   0%
   + spaceline-all-the-icons--face-background                       2   0%
   + spaceline-all-the-icons--flycheck-status                       1   0%
   + spaceline-all-the-icons--highlight                             1   0%
     make-mode-line-mouse-map                                       1   0%
   + spacemacs//evil-state-face                                     1   0%
     spaceline-all-the-icons--separator                             1   0%
 - linum-after-scroll                                              15   0%
  + linum-update                                                   15   0%
 + #<compiled 0x4162d34f>                                           1   0%
 + cider-connected-p                                                1   0%
+ linum-update-current                                            140   1%
+ ...                                                              84   0%
+ timer-event-handler                                              47   0%
+ evil-repeat-pre-hook                                              2   0%
+ winner-save-old-configurations                                    1   0%
  sp--post-command-hook-handler                                     1   0%

Karol W贸jcik15:10:45

Question is why in file from jar it is so slow compared to normal clj buffer


ok, I don鈥檛 see anything obvious, but it seems you鈥檙e using spacemacs? you may want to try the current develop branch, recently they merged my performance improvements which could address at least the high projectile-project-p percentage in your report:

Karol W贸jcik15:10:39

It is all because the evil-mode 馃槢

Karol W贸jcik15:10:02

I think it is high time to stop using vim keybindings and switch to emacs one


I would find it very surprising that evil mode is that鈥 evil. 馃槈


@kwcharllie379 Is powerline calling like crazy projectile? I certainly didn鈥檛 expect to see something like this in the profiler.


Seems to me the modeline is being updated on every keypress, which is not a very good idea for something doing expensive computations.

Karol W贸jcik16:10:46

I think I know what caused the issue. I was using spaceline-all-the icons theme 馃檪 I removed it and now I鈥檓 using the regular spaceline and the issue is gone 馃檪


Anyways, it鈥檚 good to know that everything鈥檚 fine with CIDER! cider

Karol W贸jcik16:10:04

@bozhidar I must say that I鈥檓 impressed how neat the cider code looks like 馃檪 You can be very proud of yourself 馃檪 Good job you did and doing all the time 馃檪


@kwcharllie379 Thanks! I鈥檓 obsessed with neat code, but I have to admit that due to time limitations I鈥檝e definitely didn鈥檛 do the best job possible with CIDER. Still, as far as Emacs packages go I think it鈥檚 in a pretty good shape. 馃檪

Karol W贸jcik16:10:55

Compared to other packages all tools you provide are in best standards possible IMHO. Love Cider, Projectile, super-save. 馃檪


i'm going through a tutorial that is now introducing cljs. they use lein and "Rhino" but i'm trying to use cider instead. When I try cider-jack-in-cljs it asks me which repl but it tells me it doesn't recognize rhino Also when I kill the repl and try to jack-in again to try and different spelling it won't restart the repl. it says "selecting deleted buffer". Any advice on how I should better approach this?


@chase-lambert Use nashorn instead.


(it鈥檚 rhino successor)


We鈥檝e dropped support for Rhino, as it鈥檚 a big mess and it was pretty painful to support it.


aha! got it. yeah the book is Living Clojure and I think it came out in 2014 so that explains that. thank you! any advice on how to kill a repl and start a new one or just to restart the current repl? I usually just end up closing out emacs completely and trying again but i know that is not ideal


and i just remembered I can hit tab and it gives me my autocompletion options which would have guided me a bit better!


You definitely don鈥檛 have restart Emacs for something like this.


Perfect! Thank you! I'll make sure to start reading the manuals more before asking but I already had you in convo. haha


C-c M-r restarts a REPL.