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Daw-Ran Liou18:10:08

Hi everyone, I’m new here and got some trouble following step 4 of [Running cljdoc locally](

Daw-Ran Liou18:10:31

The error is “Caused by: Could not locate jsonista/core__init.class or jsonista/core.clj on classpath.”

Daw-Ran Liou18:10:20

Does anyone know what might be wrong? I can provide the entire error stack if needed. Thanks.


@dawran6 You could try running lein deps in Muuntaja folder, in case lein install didn't download deps for Muuntaja

Daw-Ran Liou18:10:42

Thanks @juhoteperi for helping! It still didn’t resolve the jsonista dependency for me

Daw-Ran Liou19:10:59

You did give me some clue that the problem is jsonista did not get resolved when I installed muuntaja.

Daw-Ran Liou19:10:51

I think perhaps it’s an issue with Muuntaia. The project.clj has dependencies as:

:managed-dependencies [[metosin/muuntaja "0.6.1"]
                         [metosin/jsonista "0.2.2"]
                         [com.cognitect/transit-clj "0.8.313"]
                         [cheshire "5.8.1"]
                         [circleci/clj-yaml "0.5.6"]
                         [clojure-msgpack "1.2.1" :exclusions [org.clojure/clojure]]]
  :dependencies []

Daw-Ran Liou19:10:43

After I added [metosin/jsonista “0.2.2”] to :dependencies cljdoc ingest works


Ah, because Muuntaja is split into multiple modules, running lein in main module doesn't resolve all deps. Running script/lein-modules deps should install deps for all modules.

Daw-Ran Liou19:10:47

Hey thanks. I found using scripts/lein-modules install would resolve the deps and build the jar.

Daw-Ran Liou20:10:37

I made a small PR to address the issues I found while following the doc: