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any recommendation for handling global keyboard events in a re-frame app? is the way to go? i'm worried about pulling in all of jquery for cross-browser compatibility, isn't this why google closure library is bundled with cljs? plus tree-shaking with google closure is easier i assume...


how do you guys usually structure your re-frame apps may I ask?


the way I usually do it is how it’s described in re-frame docs under larger apps


@bravilogy I've generally followed that advice IIRC, starting with a flat directory structure with a single events, subs, and views and splitting those into separate directory structures when complexity/size warrants it. I'm interested in exploring the alternative touched on in though, which is to have domain oriented namespaces, with events and subs (and views?) bundled together. Maybe on my next project. 🙂


I split by domains and use namespaced keywords for everything


So you can always easily see where an event is defined


oh definitely namespaced keywords, that's a huge win for someone else reading the codebase


events, subs and views bundled together + namespaced keywords works for me