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Philip Hale22:06:51

Beginner emacs question - what does C-c C-M-l stand for? I think macOS might be getting in the way of one of those keys if it's Ctrl + c then Ctrl + Option + l... (aka cider-load-all-files)


Yeah it stands for Ctrl + c then Ctrl + Option + l, are you doing this in the command line version of emacs or in the GUI version?

Philip Hale23:06:32

Thanks for the confirmation 🙂 I'll see if there's a shortcut already assigned to that...


If you’re new to emacs, you can do C-h k and then the key combination to see what command is bound to it

Philip Hale23:06:59

Thanks -- getting pretty far leaning on spacemacs, <space><space> to helm through all the commands 👍