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Drew Verlee21:06:38

For those that are looking for a job, where are you posting that your looking?

Drew Verlee21:06:16

Or is the dynamic such that it's only meaningful to apply to jobs


Personally I kinda don't get people doing that over #jobs / #remote-jobs . Job posters will receive a lot of applications anyway so why bother doing the first step? (plus a bit of negotiation power is lost, for employers)


what do u mean?


doing what first step?

Drew Verlee22:06:05

I'm not sure either, im just revisiting if I need to do more personal branding, which includes advertising myself, or if should join a consultant shop. This round of looking for a job is really discouraging because it's very unclear why I'm having trouble. My best guess is because I haven't specialized. Then again, knowing clojure seems to be a bit of a specialization


Devs who know clojure and companies who chose to use clojure for there products both have of risk taking ability.


And both are rare, breeds.


Job seeking can be pretty soul-crushing, especially when you're just starting out in a field. It's hard to "stand out from the crowd" since there are so many devs of similar skill also seeking jobs.

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Even when you have a lot of experience in Tech X, it can be tough since there are going to be quite a few (senior) devs in Tech X as well. And if you're looking to switch tech, that be doubly tough: you'll almost certainly have to take a more junior role than you're currently in -- and a lot of employees worry that a "senior" dev (Tech X) won't be happy as a "junior" dev (Tech Y).

Drew Verlee22:06:49

The effort to prove myself seems like it might not be that much greater than trying to start my own business.

Drew Verlee22:06:09

It just leaves me with the hardest problem in software, the business part :-)


As someone who has been a freelance consultant (a couple of times), I'll say that the part I hated was always the self-promotion/marketing in order to get new contracts.


In England, I mostly punted and use an agency for a lot of it -- their cut was so worth it for the reduction in hassle!


I'm slightly consider changing to wait that called 'midlance', the company does a great part in getting contracts, and also the payment, for a cut of 30%, there is also a minimal salary in case you get ill, or there is no work. It seems a lot, but I think I'm going to really hate that stuff if I would become freelancer. So far I'm been in more or less consultancy agencies, where there is sometimes little choice in which client your working for.