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With one or two prefix args (I keep forgetting this because I rarely use those versions) the cider-jack-in command will also prompt for the exact params to pass to lein/boot/clojure/whatever.


@bozhidar yes, didn't notice that I can tweak the jack-in command, jack-in with two prefix args is what I want.


Probably we should add this to the menu, as many people might find it useful.


I’m running a colleague’s project, which has clojure and clojurescript. I have figwheel running, and I’ve connected to the figwheel repl based on the cider prompt after jacking in. However, I cannot get ‘jump to definition’ to work like it does in my projects. Yet I do not see any error messages about middleware out of sync, etc.


Did you run figwheel from cider repl or from command line


Hmm. I just ran cider-jack-in-clojurescript and selected figwheel for the repl type.


Looks like my cider upgrade is the issue…. I’ll keep digging.


hello folks! how is cider-custom-cljs-repl-init-form implemented? is it launched after a cljs.user=> is up?