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Hey I've been asking around for having configurable read-cond features in clojurescript. My motivating use-case is doing react - web/native-android/native-ios builds. @dnolen sent me here to gather more information on this. How have y'all been dealing with these kinds of builds? Right now, I'm using separate builds with shared files and tricky classpath management ...


Yep, I'd like to use shadow-cljs for that, since we won't get custom features in regular cljs any time soon.


But the replacement needs to be real smooth, before I can pull it, because my team can't be interrupted by this. So in particular, I need to get it to work together with figwheel for web and native ...


Only doing RN unfortunately


OK, I'd really like to get info on this, because people over at #clojurescript seem to think, that people are doing just fine with workarounds, where as I believe, that there aren't that many people yet, who do web/native shared apps ...


I share your perception that it’s not super common with shared code bases