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the cljs repl connection helper has been nice today. its a good idea especially for beginners @bozhidar. I wish the infrastructure to get cljs up was easier. i fought against piggie back, figwheel and figwheel sidecar last night testing out that change. I don't understand any of it and just cargo cult until there's no error on startup.


That’s what needs to be the next step - actually checking whether people have added piggieback and whatever else they need to their projects, and giving them meaningful feedback when they haven’t.


Oh dear god I forgot about cargo cults, that is some grade A pub trivia knowledge.


If I have multiple CIDER REPL connections, how do I know current Clojure buffer is using which CIDER REPL session?


just a quick feedback: I am loving the new CLJS REPL popup on cider-jack-in-clojurescript.


You can just do C-c C-z.


Maybe there was a better command for this, but I don’t remember it. @stardiviner


> just a quick feedback: I am loving the new CLJS REPL popup on cider-jack-in-clojurescript.


@manuel I’m happy to hear this. I really want us to improve the cljs experience and that’s a small first step.


@bozhidar Seems C-c C-z cider-switch-to-repl-buffer is not what I want. I will try to take a deeper search in CIDER source code. Thanks.


The current repl buffer is the same thing as the current connection buffer.


Connections in CIDER are represented internally as REPL buffers.


@bozhidar well, now that C-c C-z switches to the right CLJ/CLJS REPL every time, my daily CLJ/CLJS development is already much better. 😉


@bozhidar wait did you implement the CLJS experience that we talked about?


I like C-c C-z


I never even considered looking for it and I do a bunch of annoying manual things to get my REPL buffer window typically


@mikerod If you use Quizlet I have a bunch of study sets for emacs and especially CIDER, clj-refactor, etc if you’re interested I can link them


@gganley I don’t know what quizlet is. But I can check out whatever you have and see if it useful. Hah. I’ve used emacs and cider quite a while now. But haven’t invested enough time still in some of the convenient functions I guess


Simply put, quizlet is an online flashcard service


Interesting. I’ll check this out


My girlfriend and I take turns testing eachother on our respective quizlet sets (psych for her). It’s fun to hear her try to say pprint-sexp.


Nice. Yes, some of these things can be strange to say. And some of how they are said is “esoteric”


i may have found an issue that's not important at all but here goes anyways : in a defprotocol, doc strings can be attached to the protocol itself (that works) and to each method... the later shows as regular strings


Is it an issue that cider-mode.el references cider-macroexpand-1 without requireing it? Things are complicated more when cider-macroexpansion.el require’s cider-mode.el