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Hey everyone, Merantix is hiring ( - Employment Type: Full-time / Internship - Location: Berlin, Germany (onsite only -- Visa assistance) - Machine Intelligence, Data Engineering, Backend and Frontend dev. - Tech: ClojureScript, Python, GCP, TF, Google Cloud ML, Apache Beam, Docker. Merantix conceptualizes, builds and scales AI ventures. Our team is made up of entrepreneurs, scientists, physicians and engineers from premier universities in Europe and North America. Many of us have PhD’s and work experience at top tech companies. We’re based in Europe’s startup capital, Berlin, and are growing quickly! We're hiring Frontend engineers for our medical project team which is making healthcare more efficient through machine learning. There, you will: - Work on a challenging browser-based medical application in ClojureScript - Have a tight and efficient feedback-loop with physicians (two of which work here full-time) - Interface with our Machine Learning models. Shoot me a message for more info. (We also have other positions open:


Hey guys, We have a full stack Clojure e-learning platform and are looking for a small team (1 - 2 people) to assist us full time with a project (roughly 6-8 weeks in length) and part-time with maintenance of our platform until August 2019. Small consultancies or cooperatives in Eastern Europe and Central Europe are preferred. Remote is obviously fine but must be with 1-2 hours of CET. Feel free to message me for details. Best, Mike