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@bozhidar are you using evil mode then? if not, how do you find emacs editing compared to vim?


I use emacs+evil for clojure, it works pretty well


although there's a small number of commands that I use the original emacs bindings for


> @bozhidar are you using evil mode then? if not, how do you find emacs editing compared to vim?


I tried using it for a while, but eventually I dropped the idea as I didn’t like to constantly remap some things for evil-mode. I guess that is what made Spacemacs so popular initially - it does a lot of the grunt work for you. I also tried god-mode, which is a somewhat similar concept, but it was pretty buggy.


Overall, I’m a happy user of the standard Emacs editing commands augmented a bit my some extensions of my own, and some nifty 3rd party packages like avy and easy-kill.


nice — and yeah spacemacs is what enabled me to transition over easily from vim


I definitely think when it comes to editing keybindings vim is better than Emacs, but evil-mode and Spacemacs show that ultimately it’s more important what you can do, not what your default are. Many people are fond of joking that Emacs is a better vim than vim. 🙂


Perhaps Neovim is going to change this one day, but I guess that moment is pretty far away into the future.


i definitely found emacs to be a better vim than vim. enough to deal with the crashes and now occasional slowdowns that persist until i restart. i feel that i’d have a better experience using a clean installation but at the moment all my time is spent working on making things trying to make a living 😉


Hey everyone, Here’s one (a bit overdue) Christmas present for all of you - a major update to CIDER, the popular Clojure interactive development environment, built on top of Emacs and nREPL. The big news is that CIDER 0.16 starts much faster when you use cider-jack-in (due to deferred loading of most of the nREPL middleware that CIDER uses internally to power its features). As usual - there are other small new features, improvements and bugfixes. Go over the release notes for all the details! Enjoy CIDER 0.16 (ir)responsibly and have an awesome New Year! P.S. Special thanks to ClojureX’s team for helping me find the energy and the resolve to finish the work on this release and to all the amazing people who contributed to it! You’re awesome! Keep rocking! 🙂 P.P.S. We’ve got plenty of small newcomer-friendly tickets that you can help with here

### New Features

* [#2082](), [cider-nrepl#440](): Add specialized stacktraces for clojure.spec assertions.
* [#2111](): Add `cider-pprint-eval-last-sexp-to-comment` and `cider-pprint-eval-defun-to-comment`.
* Add a REPL shortcut for `cider-repl-require-repl-utils` (this makes it easy to require common functions like `doc`, `source`, etc. in REPL buffers).
* [#2112](): Add a new interactive command `cider-find-keyword` (bound to `C-c C-:`).
* [#2144](): Create a Docker image to mimic the Travis CI environment.

### Changes

* `cider-switch-to-last-clojure-buffer` switches to most recent relevant Clojure(Script) buffer instead of the last "remembered" buffer.
* [cider-nrepl#438](): Improve startup time by deferring loading CIDER's middleware until the first usage.
* [#2078](): Improve startup time by bundling together sync requests during startup.
* `cider-rotate-default-connection` will warn if you use it with only a single active connection.
* `cider-format-buffer` tries to preserve the point position.

### Bugs Fixed

* [#2084](): Select correct REPL type (clj or cljs) in `cider-switch-to-repl-buffer` conditional on the current buffer.
* [#2088](): Fix functions defined with `def` being font-locked as vars instead of functions.
* [#1651](), [cider-nrepl#445](): Fix `cider-expected-ns` returns `nil` on boot projects.
* [#2120](): Fix Travis CI build errors for Emacs versions >25.2.
* [#2117](): Ensure `cider-repl-result-prefix` is only inserted before the first result chunk.
* [#2123](): Process properly the Java version in Java 9.


@naomarik Hmm, I’ve never had issues with crashes and slowdowns in Emacs. At least not on stable releases. And I’ve been using it for a very long time. 🙂


@bozhidar yea i think it’s from the spacemacs bloat 😉 it seems when I update it something breaks and I have to deal with new quirks. i do get a lot of great use out of it so not a big deal for me at this point


if i can take a long vacation i’d spend time with my own config


This sounds great! (Emacs + cider) noob question: how do I upgrade cider. Any pointer?


Can I just install the new package? Should I remove the old one first?


@vinai Just upgrade (provided you’re using MELPA Stable, that is). No need to remove the old package.


Thanks, seems to have worked... trying it out