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I'm trying to use the datomic client library to connect to a running Datomic server on AWS. I get this error every time.

{:cognitect.anomalies/category :cognitect.anomalies/incorrect, :datomic.client/http-error "Throttled"}
is there any way in the client library that I can get more insight into what's going on?


In the past I have used Postgres’s notify capability to have an app find out automatically when something changed in the DB. When Datatomic (IIUC) pushes data to a client, is there some way for a Clojure app similary to pick up that something has changed (so it knows to go check out the change in some fashion)?


Yes, I am digging thru the doc, but I do not think I am smart enough to read Cognitect doc.


you probably want the tx report queue


Yep, that looks like it. Thx, @marshall