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@bozhidar: I am looking to continue to improve org-babel-clojure. The next thing I am looking to do is to detect possible exception raised in the code that is being executed. However due to my lack of nrepl knowledge, I am not sure it is possible. Right now if you run code in a Org-mode code block and if there is an exception, then it is just silent. You have to switch to the major mode to get the exception screen. If there some API in nrepl that would tell me if an exception got throw, and if so to get that exception (such that I can display it)? Right now, depending on the mode I am using, org-bable-clojure uses nrepl-sync-request:eval or nrepl-request:eval to communicate with nrepl


@bozhidar: ok forget this, I found my way with "ex", "root-ex" and "err" from the nrepl response


happy to be of service 😉


@bozhidar: ahahah right 🙂 Will write a post about my latest upgrades, and will try to take the time to propose it to Org-mode and then to let Nicolas committing it to the master


Is there way to define cider-refresh-before-fn on a per project basis?


@xeqi: Search for "emacs dir-local variables"


We really should have a manual section on that 🙂


"How do I define X on a per project basis?" is one of our most common questions


Thanks. 👍 on manual. I had looked under hoping to find something