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@tcrawley: I tried out undertow build 1.3.22.Final with Immutant 2.1.4 (using the excludes as suggested by you) to verify if it fixes an Undertow issue I had been waiting on (UNDERTOW-684). Turns out it does fix it. When does Immutant plan to move? To either 1.3.22.Final or 1.3.23.Final


@moizsj: good to hear. We plan to update to a newer undertow in the next release, which will likely be in a couple of weeks


@tcrawley: thx for the info. will it be a 1.3.x version of undertow?


we're not sure if it will be the latest 1.3.x or the latest 1.4.x yet


@moizsj: incremental build #739 ( uses Undertow 1.3.23.Final if you want to verify that it works for you