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Funny you guys should be talking about binary search, I was doing some ES5 for the first time in a long while, and was shocked to find ES5 doesn't even have a native array search method...


@djtango: first reason I've seen since I wrote COBOL to implement a search algorithm! I haven't implemented a sort from scratch for work since 1989!


@agile_geek: 1989 was my first job - the most memorable bit was writing 32 bit multiplication routines in 186 assembler, 'cos the crappy coral-66 implementation only supported the processor's native 16-bit ops. i am mostly happy things have gotten higher-level since then


I must admit that in 1989 I was probably playing turtle drawing shapes 🙂


So I watched a video of Carin Meier flying a drone using Clojure code ( which is awesome and looked at her project on GitHub ( which has some really cool integration features. This is really amazing. Now all I need is a few hundred £££ to actually buy a drone to program 😉


Carin was at ClojureEx a few years ago… flying the drone and Sam Aaron was pumping out tunes with Overtone. So very cool.


took me almost a minute to work out why the editor was complaining about the syntax


Lol. Didn't even hitme until you said.


that's valid python?

>>> (str (instance_id))