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Is there an easy way to inject a custom version of cider-nrepl into REPL on startup? I'd like to have a workaround applied for a bug which bites me, until it is fixed upstream.


Or evaluate a piece custom code, so I can fix the affected function.


Is it necessary to explicitly eval all namespaces in Boot project to add them to the project?


Someone else might know better as I'm still a beginner. But actually I never had to. I guess by referencing the other namespaces everything is evaluated automatically when needed.


I do have some tests. When I run cider-jack-in and then C-c C-t C-n to run tests corresponding to the current module, it does not work.


But when I navigate to the test and load it it starts to work.


From what I see from the source code of cider-nrepl it only considers already loaded namespaces as belonging to the project in Boot case.