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Started doing some work in figwheel on increasing the semantic value of ClojureScript compiler errors. Some of this work could should make it downstream I think. Pumping some more semantice data into the failed compile ex-info or having a top level catch that interprets and increases the semantic value of the ex-info based on what happened. Would be nice to have some semantic tags (keywords) on analysis, and reader errors so tools aren't parsing message strings.


Potential bug; asking for feedback here before filing JIRA. With :elide-asserts true, atom validators still work with :optimizations :none, but if you use :advanced they are disabled. I think users would expect consistency (and also perhaps consistency with Clojure, where *assert* doesn’t affect validators).


@mfikes patch welcome


@dnolen: do you feel atom valididators should always be enabled? (In other words, they are not like assertions)


@mfikes: well I just agree we should match Clojure here


@bhauman Amazing! I would also summon Bozhidar for cider. The ClojureScript part is almost as great as Clojure's (they were working on adding the debug as last addition)