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Just a heads up for folks trying to use my atom-chlorine-setup: I have added tap>-based versions of all the commands and (temporarily) switched the keymap to use those instead of the REBL-based versions... I'm experimenting with Reveal as an alternative to REBL, and I may provide key bindings to switch between them in due course.


All the rebl-* commands still exist and the keymap.json file has both mappings -- one commented out. tap> seems like a good way to hook into REBL as well although you'd lose the form information submitted, but I'm not sure of the value of that...

Rowan Barnard03:08:06

Thanks for the heads up 🙂


I'm working on it so that all the keymaps will work with either REBL or Reveal so folks have the best of both worlds.


I'm actually very impressed with Reveal so far...


OK, I think it will work for both contexts now, at this point. One set of key bindings, using REBL if available else Reveal.


(there was a bug in the REBL code, fixed this morning)


If REBL is on your classpath, you'll get cognitect.rebl/submit calls, just as before, otherwise, all evaluation is sent through tap> as well as being displayed inline and in the Console as normal. If you are running Reveal, it adds a tap watcher that renders data into its UI, and every evaluation is run through tap> and into Reveal's UI (and into anything else you have tapped in).