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Ugh, constant JS vulns just for test code that isn't shipped or run 😅


The school trial line has been reduced to curl -fL | sh 😄


It's not really pretty and it's suuuuper minimal but is now kind of a hub to a bunch of other things at least. I'll probably add actual content to it some day but for now I want GitHub to be the single source of truth.

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looks great!


Hah thanks, it's VERY rough, just wanted it to link out to things really, I'll make it actually have content and think about a layout some day


Do any of y'all know a trick to prevent a new split from gaining focus? I open the conjure log often, but usually I'd prefer to keep the cursor in the code.


I think the thing I've recommended in the past is replacing the mapping with your own that hits <c-w><c-p> after the new log window mapping. If this becomes something a buuunch of people want I could add an option for it but I'm on the fence about that.,


I'm pretty sure someone did this :thinking_face:


Alas it's lost to slack deleting messages forever plzeveryoneusediscordthanks


Open to strong suggestions for config though


Yeah, I'd also be hesitant to add that as a conjure option. I was curious if there was a plain 'ol vim option I was missing. I'm sure c-w,c-p will just become muscle memory


Sadly not, Conjure does the simplest possible thing right now, I tried to keep it vanilla so your autocmds etc all work as expected, the more magic I get the more risk to your normal ideas of how nvim works. Like old Conjure had delays between things that shouldn't have delays because I was waiting for RPC messages to async deliver, complete and return before sending the next message that depended on that result. Now I can do batch operations that block where required 😄

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I'm going to (I keep saying this but I will do eventually, just too much to do and prioritising) add custom autocmds that you can hook into for this sort of thing. So you could say "on split open go to prev window" or whatever.


I want to add autocmds for connect/disconnect/evals/results, all sorts! Then you can get creative rather than relying on me adding 100s of options for every occasion 😅


Options are growing at a steady rate but sustainable for now. I just can't ever take them away really, so I've got to be careful that I only add what should exist theoretically forever.

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"no is temporary, yes is forever" 🙂