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Rowan Barnard23:08:21

Was just working through some exercise in the Olsen's book Getting Clojure in Chlorine and when I tried to submit one of the forms for evaluation nothing happened

Rowan Barnard23:08:50

Here is the code that I was working on: (def ISBN-LENGTH 13) (def OLD-ISBN-LENGTH 10) (defn valid-isbn [isbn] (or (= (count isbn) OLD-ISBN-LENGTH) (= (count isbn) ISBN-LENGTH)))

Rowan Barnard23:08:51

I then type (valid-isbn 05967) to test it out (not realizing at the time that count doesn't work on a number) and when I attempt to submit with Sean Corfield's Ctrl+;Shift+B (the Atom keymap for REBL Top Block) then nothing happens, I don't get any result, any error message or anything

Rowan Barnard23:08:50

If I type (valid-isbn "05967") and submit for evaluation it works as expected, so not sure why using a number as the argument results in nothing happening - is this some protection mechanism to prevent me entering incorrect inputs?


05967 isn't valid in clojure (number literals can't start with 0). however, valid-isbn won't work on numbers because count only works on collections and a number is not a collection

Rowan Barnard23:08:49

OK but shouldn't it still evaluate and blow up with an exception?

Rowan Barnard23:08:16

Or at least print some message as to why it won't run

Rowan Barnard23:08:30

I submit it and just nothing happens at all


unfortunately, I'm not familiar with chlorine and rebl integration

Rowan Barnard23:08:27

I thought Atom was hanging or I'd accidentally pressed something to make it switch to some other mode or something like that but when I type in other things it still submits and evaluates as normal

Rowan Barnard23:08:22

Thanks for the input anyways phronmophobic 🙂


typing 05967 is a parse error, which might be treated differently than other types of errors


maybe you'll get the same non-result if you type {(:1

Rowan Barnard23:08:17

OK yes I just tried without leading zero

Rowan Barnard23:08:39

It evaluates and throws exception for using count on a number

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Rowan Barnard23:08:23

Still I think there should be a message for using a leading zero?

Rowan Barnard23:08:48

It seems not right to do absolutely nothing so maybe a bug?


agreed. I wouldn't be surprised if the author just never noticed because they never tried to evaluate something that wouldn't parse


It doesn't work with the built in eval either -- not just via my wrapped eval.

Rowan Barnard23:08:39

OK so is that a Chlorine bug then?


I guess so. As @smith.adriane says, I suspect most of us have never noticed because we haven't tried to evaluate code that won't read.


If you type that into a bare REPL, it can't even be read -- so it fails before evaluation.


user=> 05967
Syntax error reading source at (REPL:18:0).
Invalid number: 05967

Rowan Barnard23:08:22

Ha ha yeah I guess only noobs like me find this stuff 😂

Rowan Barnard23:08:01

OK but at least you get a message in the bare REPL


In particular:

user=> (no-such-function 05967)
Syntax error reading source at (REPL:18:25).
Invalid number: 05967
Syntax error reading source at (REPL:18:26).
Unmatched delimiter: )
note that it a) doesn't complain about no-such-function not existing and b) doesn't even read the closing ).


^ That's just to illustrate how early in the read-eval-print process it fails @flyingpython


Hi, well, there are a few tests to fail unparseable code, but maybe something escaped :D

Rowan Barnard23:08:37

OK thanks for the info, would be interesting to learn more about the different steps involved in the REPL process


Can you open an issue with the code that's failing? Will look at it very soon :)

Rowan Barnard23:08:20

OK cool will do! Can it wait for couple hours though? Just gotta whip out for some lunch 🙂


Don't worry, the bug will still be there when you get back! 🙂

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Rowan Barnard23:08:26

Hang on, I'm entering bug now, still got some time