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So... apologies if this is a FAQ (or even a RAQ) but because I don't pay for Slack, I can't see the channel history 😛 A while back I used Chestnut to quickly get started with a ring/om app, and it was pretty great (so thank you for that). Last week I picked it up again, and a lot has changed. On the upside: having doo builtin is awesome. But one thing stuck out: When running Figwheel, you no longer get access to your server as well via :ring-handler. I guess this is because of all the new Component-y stuff... in the meantime I've just taken the components/config/etc out again (because I don't need it) and put the ring handler into the app namespace and the user.clj file, but my question is: what's the 'right' way to do this? The combined Figwheel/Ring out of the box experience was a huge win the first time I used Chestnut.


@joelgluth I can't help with your real question, so just a side-note: Even if you had a paid slack plan, it wouldn't help, AFAIK. The Clojurians account is what needs to pay, and would have to pay, per user, for all the thousands of us... so, a non-starter. Meanwhile, at least you can find and search the archives at


@joelgluth the main thing to note is to use port 10555, not 3449. Everything should work as before then.


We'll do something about this in an upcoming version (probably redirect from 3449 to 10555)


Hmm; for me lein figwheel does not start the server on 10555. I have a feeling I’m missing something super obvious…


(Or is the idea not to use the lein command line any more, and access from (eg) cider-repl?)


Yeah if you use chestnut then the system is started from the repl with (go)


Basically follow the instructions in the Readme.