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@deg great stuff, thanks for writing that! left some comments


this would be a good unsession to have at Clojure Conj


@deg Thanks for doing this!


Mostly just scratching my own itch; I'm glad it resonated. But, now comes the hard part... we need to start solving the problem; whether it be with interim documentation, new tooling, or both.


been doing clojure/cljs less than 6 months and had a really tough onboarding with the environment. i'm coming from JS/front end work and would be really happy to provide feedback and perspective on my experience.


I’m curious if books help. I definitely got a lot out of ClojureScript: Up and Running, and since then other books have been published.


i read through Brave and True. admittedly i was on a one week deadline (and managed to go from zero to a full stack todo app in that time) so i didn't get to dig deeply. but doing a crash course/build like that meant that easy of use/accessibility of the information was magnified.


Ahh, I’ve never read that one. Does it cover ClojureScript?


gosh. now i'm trying to remember! going back now, i'm starting Carin Meier's Living Clojure.


@jennifer it would be great if you could write up some notes.


i've been meaning to do a blog post because it was a pretty incredible experience.


like, i fell in love with clojure the hard way. 🙂


ClojureScript: Up and Running specifically covers the toolchain aspect of things


I suppose that book is due for a rewrite (Figwheel evidently didn’t yet exist when it was published)


What books are available now?


I started with ClojureScript first without prior Clojure or Java exposure, just jumping straight from JS. I think the java-side of things was slowing me down and leiningen/maven stuff. I hope that new clj command-line tool coming as native installer with Clojure 1.9 will make the situation better for non-java newcomers. They won’t be exposed to java just to learn how to start with ClojureScript. Would be great if this could be similar experience like starting with node/ruby/python these days…


^this. i was doing both clojure and cljs at the same time and honestly have no idea how i would have been able to setup for just cljs.


i also came from js without clojure knowledge, and I kept a collection of the links I learned from:


there’s a book listed here ClojureScript Unraveled :