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Kurt Harriger14:01:20

one problem I seem to run into a lot is that if I switch projects the shadow-cljs process doesn’t get terminated so when switch back and try to start a new process it complains its already running and need to killall java in terminal. I’ve tried just starting shadow-cljs on commandline and then connecting to it to avoid this issue but then I find that goto definition doesn’t work since I seem to be missing the required nrepl deps in my project. I probably should just add the deps to my project (or maybe a calva vs code command can do it for me) and use terminal instead but before I do I figured I’d mention it as it seems closing a window or switchig project should terminate the process


This mostly works for me. But I have run in to it. A thing you can try: Kill the jack-in process manually before you close the window. (`ctrl+c` in the jack-in terminal.)


To run the shadow watcher in a terminal in a Calva compatible way you can use the command Copy Jack-in Command line (or something like that.

Kurt Harriger15:01:31

I did not know about the copy jackin command… perfect thanks!


So this weekend I was playing around with trying to write a calva snippet for “globally def the current let pair” to enable easier repl-driven development, and I found myself bumping into the limitations of the current text-based snippet system. What would’ve been really helpful would’ve been to be able to give calva a function that takes a zipper (or something) at the current form and go from there. Is that something that already exists or would be easy to add? Or am I making this harder than it needs to be?


Sounds like a nice feature! Haven't pondered how hard it would to add, but sound totally doable.


I’ll make a ticket!

Max18:01:56 I left it pretty open-ended, I don’t feel like I’ve thought about the problem enough to know that the zipper approach is the best solution

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Mostly I wanted to pose the example task and show how it’s currently difficult to accomplish


New Calva version just released, v2.0.237. Not many character's in the patch, but pretty important fix for some of you: • Fix:

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