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Carsten Behring20:01:48

How can I make clerk render a "multiline string" , like "a\nb" in multiple lines ?


currently only by providing your own string viewer to override the default one

Carsten Behring20:01:04

clerk/code did it for my case as well.

Carsten Behring20:01:47

even niceley, by making the numbers green ... 🙂

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was thinking of making the string viewer expandable by making the quotes clickable and rendering new lines when expanded


similar to the collection viewers


would that be helpful in your case?

Carsten Behring21:01:56

"my concrete" case is perfectly rendered "as is". I want to see the full string. Use clerk/code is maybe a work around. In general, a way for "verbatim" full printing of strings (using newlines , if present) is useful. especial for interop with Java. Some java libraries rely on "toString" printing clerk/code could be just sthat method, it seems. (but as it does "magic", it might fail on some strings)

Carsten Behring21:01:21

Not sure, if this needs clickable expansions, or just print the full string. Maybe both:slightly_smiling_face:

Carsten Behring22:01:33

Can we have tables with horizontal scroll ? That would be a good extension of ":full"

Carsten Behring22:01:19

I can get it with a "trick" already know.

     ..wide table

Carsten Behring22:01:40

But maybe we should have a better solution

Carsten Behring22:01:50

Can we control the overall width of the output ? It was asked here: but the answer was for "per viewer", I look more fore a global setting.