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Oliver George00:02:05

Hi @pez, Hi all. Been thinking about helping potential users to evaluate Calva. Specifically devs who are familiar with other editors. What about a compare/contrast walkthrogh of common use cases. Possibly a set of sort "step by step" videos side by side.

Oliver George00:02:38

For exampling, setting up CLJS project 1. Cursive (open new project from existing sources, wizard, picking deps.edn, finishing wizard, marking a few folders as excluded from search (target or resources/public/js...) possibly setting project sdk, observing how it looks when it's working) 2. Calva ... (same same but different)

Oliver George00:02:05

Or setting up a figwheel repl

Oliver George00:02:12

Or doing some light refactoring

Oliver George00:02:47

Point being we're so familiar with one editor it's hard to get a feel for how a different one works

Oliver George00:02:32

Seems like it could be a fun "team up" project. Find an authority on another editor and work together on it.


Hey @olivergeorge. Video tutorials are something that's been on my mind as well. This is a neat idea. I wonder if it would be wise to first just make videos explaining the processes/features in Calva, then use that footage to splice into comparison videos. I do think that purely Calva instructional videos would be good to have. :thinking_face:

Oliver George03:02:55

Sounds like a good idea.

Oliver George03:02:13

That reminds me of Cursive's User Guide. It makes great use of animated gifs...


Calva docs have something similar here: - maybe you saw this.


@olivergeorge that sounds super excellent. I saw that @tony.kay has started a Grokking Fulcro video series. Haven’t looked at it yet, beyond noticing that it looked like IntelliJ was used there. I doubt he shows how to set it up, but if he does, maybe it’s a good start for this, where we show how to set it up in Calva. Fulcro, with shadow-cljs is a bit extra nice in Calva, as it happens. 😃


And also you, dear Calva friends. 😍


Hello! What VS Code themes are you using with Calva? :)


@endrejoh I am mostly using GitHub Dark nowadays.

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Can’t wait to release this upgrade of Paredit Drag sexpr forward/backward. This drag-pairs thing works in maps as well. Right now I have these binding forms covered: • letforloopbindingwith-local-vars Which one have I missed?


I am just getting started with Calva (and Clojure in general), but so far I find the default key bindings to be easier to remember, at least compared to Cursive.

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I'm still just using the default Dark+ theme.

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Maybe a stupid question, but does "dragging" mean you have to use a mouse?


No mouse. It's paredit commands. There are commands that let you ”drag” forms in and out of other forms, and then the ones shown in the gif, where forms are ”dragged” through other forms.


I've never seen a paredit command in emacs with this name...


Might be named something else there. The inspiration here comes from Cursive (and I don't know what it's called there either 😀).


I call it dragging, because that it what it feels like when using them.


It looks really useful -- I had seen in the command palette but hadn't actually tried it out and, yeah, dragging the binding symbol and the expression together def. makes sense.

Cris B23:02:00

I use the drag commands quite a bit. Very useful, and keeping the binding pairs together is a very nice addition (working well for me so far @pez). There was chat a few days ago about keyboard shortcuts within comments. What was the upshot of that - is there actually a way to lose the paredit bindings in comments and strings (eg. on Windows - to keep ctrl + left/right for wordwise cursor movement).