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I’m starting a new Playlist on YouTube titles “Grokking Fulcro”. This is a dual-purpose video series: • Help existing Fulcro users understand the low-level details. • Show common patterns. Fulcro does things differently than people expect, so knowing how to “think” about common problems requires some shifts that people often struggle with. • Expose people less familiar with Clojure(script) to some of the superpowers you gain by using it. First video just dropped. Here’s the playlist:;list=PLVi9lDx-4C_TBRiHfjnjXaK2J3BIUDPnf&amp;index=1&amp;ab_channel=TonyKay

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great little intro to the magic behind react!

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you are a superstar 👏:skin-tone-3:


Can’t wait to watch it! Thanks, @U0CKQ19AQ!!


The latest release of clojure-lsp clojure-lsp adds a new code action that suggest an alias to be required! Also, recently we provided native binaries compiled with GraalVM graal-vm for Linux, MacOS and Windows 🎉 For more information, check #lsp

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Announcing babashka.fs: A file system utility based on java.nio with inspiration from, clj-commons/fs and This library can be used on the JVM and comes bundled with babashka 0.2.9 (just released). Many thanks to the kind people here on slack for reviewing the initial alpha versions of this library.

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