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Twice today the clj-kondo java process has run amok on my machine. Something in the files I am working with today probably triggers it. Anyone else seen that happen?


Might be an issue with the clj-kondo extension or interaction with Calva. Not sure yet. Please install this debug plugin: and keep an issue on the clj-kondo output tab


and report issues to me


Thanks. Using the debugging build now. Let’s hope the java process runs amok again 😃

Jack Arrington15:10:08

Clj-kondo process has also been acting up for me. Works fine for a while, then starts eating a ton of CPU. I will try to install the debug plugin when I have time.


Might be a recent interaction with Calva. Source is still unknown, but please monitor the clj-kondo output panel. This is the latest.

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I use calva, I jack-in normally, evaluation works great etc. But when I do something wrong and send a snippet that contains something wrong I get quite excessive ouput like this Is this expected? It's confusing 😞


@ales.najmann This is expected, and I completely agree. I think @brandon.ringe created an issue where we collected some ideas around how to do this better. Right now I can only find this one though:


@ales.najmann @pez I found this one. Let's use this one and I'll close the other.


This may be what I focus on next. Hopefully can in the next week or two.


You're great guys 👏

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Thanks for mentioning the issue. Helps to see more demand for some issue/improvement so we know what to focus on.

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Hello folks. Does anyone have problems with the default key bindings under MacOS? In my case I use calva.loadFile a lot. It’s by default bound to ctrl+alt+c enter but nothing happens when I hit ctrl+alt+c. Any tips on how to get this key binding to work?


Hi @ccidral ! Not sure I follow. What's supposed to happen when you press the first sequence is that vscode shows a message in the status bar saying that it is waiting for the next key press. That's not happening? If so, see if something else binds ctrl+alt+c.


Hi @pez that’s correct, I was expecting to see that message in the status bar, but when press ctrl+alt+c nothing happens (ie: no “waiting” message shows up in the status bar).


I’m running a brand new MacOS Catalina installation. I checked the OS’s keyboard shortcuts but couldn’t find any conflicting shortcut.


If you search for the shortcut in vscode, does that turn up anything but Calva commands?


No, I searched for ctrl+alt+c under Keyboard Shortcuts but it’s all Calva commands.