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Markus Agwin16:10:32

I made bb fork that includes ring middleware and reitit routing functions. MS-Windows executable is provided.

babashka 18

Awesome work, thanks again!

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Interesting! I would like to package it for scoop. Do you plan to have regular releases on Github?

Markus Agwin21:10:48

My intention is not to add anything in the near future to my forked Babashka repository. The bb-web repository will be updated though. What would you need for making a scoop package?


Basically if you upload binary, output from appveyor) as zipped file as Github release, similar to what babashka is doing, it's already quite good.


I would suggest you to maintain the versions in sync. Under v0.2.2 there should be Also I'll come with the something in scoop and we can tune it to a level it's convenient.


@U77MR6ETD I think it would maybe be good if you renamed the executable and zip archive to something that doesn't conflict with the "official" babashka


like bb-web.exe and

Markus Agwin15:10:56

I‘ll take care of the naming and come back. thank you for the feedback. Any hints where to look to set the names as I need to figure out how to do that (tomorrow)


The name is determined in the script/compile scripts


it would be nice to dodge also binary conflicts. Technically binary sits in it's own directory, but having bb-web.exe would be nicer as well.


that's what I proposed as well


Oh, sorry I overlooked this


so then it must be a good idea :)


I can dodge this by setup shim in scoop, but still valid since, also users can just download, uncompress and copy to some PATH to use it side-by side with original babashka


yes, let's just avoid confusion all around

Markus Agwin20:10:55

understood, will come back with a new release attempt as basis for further steps

Markus Agwin13:10:13

Made a new release with proposed naming. Pls. have a look if I missed anything.


@U77MR6ETD The zip has the name SNAPSHOT in it. Unpacking the zip, the binary is still called bb.exe, not bb-web.exe

Markus Agwin13:10:07

it has the name SNAPSHOT, yes. But the contained exe, I insist, has the name bb-web.exe. Are you sure on this second point?


$ unzip
  inflating: bb.exe


I'll try again just to make sure

Markus Agwin13:10:35

you are using babashka-0.2.3.. it is called babashka-web-0.2.3


Seems to work:

$ unzip
  inflating: bb-web.exe


Does it make sense to release this as bb-web <some other stable version> and not SNAPSHOT?


maybe just 0.2.2 same as normal bb?


so then people know: this is bb 0.2.2 + some extras?

Markus Agwin13:10:50

cool. Now point 1: is the name SNAPSHOT a big problem (I do not know a good way to get rid of it)


@U77MR6ETD These numbers are set in these files: if you change them manually, these files will reflect that. Also bb-web --version will print the correct version.

Markus Agwin13:10:34

concerting 0.2.2: I tried, but I cannot push it because git says: error: failed to push some refs to <mailto:'|'[email protected]>:kloimhardt/bb-web.git'


you could choose to only override these files in CI, just temporarily overwrite them there


I can't help you with not being able to push to your own repos :)


or are you trying to push a tag?


you can edit / remove tags on github

Markus Agwin13:10:16

I deleted the tag 0.2.2 locally and created a new one. Deleted the tag via GitHub gui as well. Still I could not push the tag 0.2.2 . So decided to go for 0.2.3 . But I am sure this can be fixed somehow and a 0.2.2 can be made, I just did not try hard enough. So lets leave that for now, I'll look again into it.


Note that deleting a release is not the same as deleting a tag, you have to do both


I don't see the tag anymore in your repo, so I'm puzzled why you're not able to push

Markus Agwin13:10:51

I tried around a lot and just gave up somewhere in the middle, did not go all the way, that's why. Just said f* it, I go for 0.2.3

Markus Agwin13:10:26

Can fix that, give me some time. But the SNAPSHOT name is still an issue. How to remove this SNAPSHOT out of the .zip file name?


@U77MR6ETD I think this is derived from the files I just linked you in resources.

Markus Agwin13:10:22

understood, I just change the content of the file BABASHKA_VERSION (thought there is a more standard way somehow involving BABASHKA_RELEASED_VERSION)


the RELEASED_VERSION file is only used for the linux/mac installer script

Markus Agwin13:10:55

ah, I see, thank you for the info. I get back to work on a next release attempt 🙂 thank you for the patience.


thank YOU for your efforts

Markus Agwin13:10:09

the efforts are mostly because bb-web is for folks like me who are not well versed in dev-ops things.

Markus Agwin14:10:08

Now AppVayor obviously delays my builds because I made so many today or so... need to wait for that build.


@U77MR6ETD It starts a new build for every commit, so you might have to cancel those. There's a setting for automatically stopping running builds on a new commit

Markus Agwin14:10:44

Will set that. But today I wanted a build for every single commit because I juggled around with tags and release versions and names. So the penalty is well deserved 🙂


it only runs one build at a time

Markus Agwin14:10:02

Now its a bit clearer to me what's going on

Markus Agwin14:10:35

somehow the magic worked, voilà a new release. Pls. have a look.


looks good to me

Markus Agwin14:10:45

@UBLU3FQRZ can you work with the lastest Babashka-web release or is anything missing?


@U77MR6ETD side question, what should be homepage of this project? should I use just github home?


good question, why is there one repo called babashka and one bb-web


I would change A Clojure babushka for the grey areas of Bash into something which makes it clear that this is a fork


I agree. I let @U77MR6ETD decide what he wants there before I merge it 🙂

Markus Agwin15:10:10

bb-web is a repository with examples for beginners. Let me think about all this naming, will come back.

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@U77MR6ETD Idea: maintain a bb-web branch in your fork, with adapted README/examples etc.


so only one repo with examples and releases


and the master branch will be the original which can be used for merging upstream bb

Markus Agwin15:10:31

@U04V15CAJ That is the right approach from a technical point of view. But the example repository (now called bb-web) should be a small thing with just one master branch, so there is no doubt what it is.


then maybe call your fork repo bb-web or babashka-web and your other one bb-web-examples

Markus Agwin15:10:16

or rename the current kloimhardt/babashka into babashka-web?

Markus Agwin15:10:35

on the case. @UBLU3FQRZ will come back with a title and link to renamed git repository being the homepage.

Markus Agwin15:10:33

@UBLU3FQRZ Homepage: Title: A babashka fork for small web-apps

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@U77MR6ETD Github also allows you to set a default branch, so then you can leave out the /tree stuff


Note that your README says: Note: the relevant branch of this fork is guestbook2 which is a bit confusing

Markus Agwin16:10:32

cleaned all up and set default branch. So the homepage is just

Markus Agwin16:10:00

I need to set the title in the repository as well.


looking good

Markus Agwin16:10:17

Should I replace the standard Babashka in the bb-web branch or is this confusing?


You could do that, while pointing to the original readme at the top

Markus Agwin16:10:27

ok, will do theses cosmetics later on. @UBLU3FQRZ Is there anything I need to do for scoop? Remember the homepage is just the GitHub page without the /tree stuff.


I think it's in good shape now. I did some adjustments to my draft, make it a proper PR. Check here:


I'm about to merge it. I need someone to actually test it, because I'm nowhere near my Windows box system. @U04V15CAJ 🙏 can I ask you to test it?

Markus Agwin16:10:22

I can test too

Markus Agwin17:10:32

is it ready for testing?

Markus Agwin17:10:42

@UBLU3FQRZis it necessary to do scoop bucket add java for successful scoop install bb-web ?

Markus Agwin17:10:20

just successfully installed bb-web with scoop. But I do not understand why I need to scoop bucket add java and install openjdk for it. Is this necessary or just accidental?


It's optional. It's convenience for those who want to use scoop for both clojure (clj) and java installation


If you side-installed java from other distribution channel, it's fine.


for binary tools, java installation is not necessary of course.

Markus Agwin18:10:18

but still, just doing scoop install git scoop bucket add extras and scoop install bb-web did not do the trick. Something was missing, and after I did all the other (not obviously related) scoop commands described in the, it worked.


you mean, you installed other tools from the bucket and after that it started working?


if it's the case I think candidate for this are: extras/vcredist2010 extras/vcredist2015


probably 2015, same as bb original


there is proper depends in bb-web manifest.

Markus Agwin18:10:14

Yes, that is what I mean. I tried scoop install joker before doing scoop bucket add java and all following commands. Error message was "Couldn't find manifest for joker". Then I did bucket add 1)java+2)scoop-clojure and install 3)jdk+4)clojure, then joker and bb-web worked. One of those thing 1)-4) seem necessary, and I do not understand why.


You need to add scoop-clojure


since that's the bucket with all clojure-related things


where the packages are hosted from litteli


yes, extras bucket and scoop-clojure needs to be added before issuing installation commands.

Markus Agwin18:10:26

I see. The reason I wanted to know is of course to write instruction for installing bb-web with scoop. But maybe an update of the scoop readme would be useful.

Markus Agwin18:10:59

install git is necessary as well for bb-web, right?


I'll consider this as more and more tools are present and they maybe some useful without having even clojure installed. Which wasn't the initial purpose.


git is necessary actually for scoop itself 🙂


scoop uses git to update itself

Markus Agwin18:10:26

so scoop install git would not work without git being installed in the first place?


No. I believe the reason is to be able to do scoop update scoop under the hood.


or something similar


I will also use git for my package manager: it makes sense. brew does it too

Markus Agwin18:10:24

I see. I start to understand why some government organisations still use Excel 🙂


for package management?

Markus Agwin18:10:52

Excel for avoiding package management at all. Unfortunately, Universities too.


I worked at the national tax service where they still used Office 97 because some scripts relied on that. It's best to stay away from those places.

Markus Agwin18:10:26

For sure stay away! But still we all depend on them and fund them.


now what I usually do is to "watch releases only" on Github and once a new release is out, I run a script with version and generate a manifest for it.