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Hello again 🙂 I have another question. I have a really small pet project and I decided to switch to Clojure CLI + figwheel main from lein + legacy figwheel. Everything went well, but now I cannot do jack in, it just waits forever in Launching REPL using Clojure CLI + Figwheel Main state. However project starts, I can see REPL prompt in terminal, hot reload is working too. Calva Connection Log says only Socket closed Calva version: 2.0.76 All edn files generated by (I’ve added few lines dev.cljs.edn config and figwheel-main.edn) I’m trying to use built-in sequence with :fig and :build.


@il.tmfv it is probably that :fig alias that messes things up. Try without it.


Thanks, will try a bit later 👍 Kinda makes sense 🙂


That alias is a trap that I think most people fall into. If you have an idea where Calva, and its documentation could help people avoid it, please share.


@pez I’ve tried different aliases and it works only when you select nothing :face_with_rolling_eyes: If I understand correctly figwheel-main template uses -m figwheel.main to start, where Calva uses -m nrepl.cmdline and starts figwheel by sending commands to REPL Confusing indeed. Maybe we should write a warning? Something like “If you used figwheel-main template please make sure that builds/aliases you pick have proper main-opts “. Maybe mentioning figwheel-main is not a great idea since there a lot other templates. I honestly not sure how to describe it to be more novice-friendly. Checking all of this stuff for a person who is just starting learning clojure might be super overwhelming.


The important part is that main needs to start the nrepl cmdline.