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I’ve released Fulcro 3.1.12 to clojars. Fulcro is a library for building data-driven full-stack applications for React web/native. This version includes support for floating roots. Fulcro normally has you construct your app as a reified view in code and data. This has worked very well for the many apps we’ve built with it, but occasionally you want to use a plain React js lib that expects an arbitrary sub-root to be usable as a standalone thing. This release allows you to have Fulcro control the data needs of such components while allowing them to look like vanilla React components. This should allow easier use of things like js ecosystem routers and navigators. See the docstrings here for instructions:

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dominicm11:02:38 Vizns is a tool for visualizing the relationship between namespaces and libraries. You can see a demo of it running on an open source Clojure application at You can click on nodes to navigate around (hint: You may need to scroll a little, as you'll start in the top left in your browser).

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