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If it's any consolation, Emacs REPL also locks up with very long lines 😄


Not this hard, I'm sure. 😃 Here's a VSIX that avoids tokenization of such long lines. Buggy and such yet, but if anyone wants to test it, I'd be much happy. Here's where one can read about the status of the fix:


New to Calva, so please forgive me in case I am missing something obvious. How would one navigate to the source given a namespace?

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Assuming you have connected to a REPL server w/ the right dependencies loaded, you can goto definition from the editor. (F12 or cmd-click)

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Figured that out, but that "only" works if you have a symbol in the source, right? With IntelliJ, you can open a dialog where you can enter string you can look up as class, namespace, whatever.


Sounds very useful! Please file as a feature request.


Not sure about this, but maybe this is the dialog you get if you go to symbol in workspace? (Also as the # prompt.) If you think it is, please include that in your feature request.