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After a bit more thought: FYI for Fulcro users this also wouldn’t break client-side normalization, as your :ident fn has all of the props available which you queried for: i.e: if you want to have an Account+User component, which combines :account/id and :user/id for instance to enable a :user/id to belong to multiple accounts. And you don’t want to create ‘syntethic’ ident handling in Pathom like [:account+user/id [42 69]] then you can write :ident (fn [] [:account+user/id [(:account/id props) (:user/id props)]]) . This way the combination of the system attributes to support client-side normalization stays on the client/Fulcro side, as it should.


(df/load this {:account/id 69 :user/id 42} Account+User) is how data-fetching would look like


this being said I’m more interested in the maximal graph vision of pathom for microservice graph apis and the potential for RAD to visualize them


and dynamic queries by humans for setting initial contexts with multiple attrs to query more of the graph