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Alex Miller (Clojure team)04:01:06

tools.deps.alpha 0.8.661 and clj are now available • New: concurrent downloads make things significantly faster when downloading lots of stuff • New: -Sthreads can be used to explicitly set the concurrency level, but you generally shouldn't need it • New: -- can be used in clj as a separator between clj dep args and clojure.main args. For example clj -A:tool -- -A:foo will activate the tool alias, which may specify a main class, then -A:foo will be passed to that program (thanks Dominic Monroe!) • Fix: regression in -Spom not populating <repositories> since tda 0.8.573 • Fix: manifest type lookup on resolved git dep coordinates (probably of interest to almost no one, but affected tools.deps.graph)

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Bootleg 0.1.7 released. Now with support for XML output, environment variables, command line args, standard in processing and java.time!

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Just published Chlorine 0.4.3 for Atom. On this release, support for Suitable ClojureScript autocomplete (if its on the classpath), some fixes for autocomplete (sometimes it did crash the editor!) and some other small fix 🙂. Discussions on #chlorine

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[polvo/firestore-clj "0.3.0"] released. Now with support for batched writes and transactions, and finer control over representation of results as clojure data. Also, update and map -like helpers for transactions that fit the "apply function on field/doc/many docs" model

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