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OT: A cool thing with VS Code (might be the case with many editors, but anyway) is that, from the integrated terminal, the command code uses the Code instance that started the terminal. So you can open a file with

$ code foo.txt
Quite useful at times, especially for opening files from outside the workspace (like maybe your ~/,lein/profiles.clj, or whatever). And how about just piping some output into a VS Code editor in your workspace? I wanted to list the remote branches of the git repo and edit the output some:
$ git branch -r | code -
Or tail and follow some log file:
$ tail -f /var/log/system.log | code -
Pretty sweet, huh?


That is pretty sweet!

Tamizhvendan S13:10:34

@pez How to pass environment variables while starting (and jack in) the REPL in the new version? I currently solving it by starting the REPL in the terminal which has loaded the environment variables and then using Calva’s connect to running REPL feature


There’s a secret setting for that. 😃


OK, I’ll let you in on the secret @tamizh88: calva.jackInEnv


I really should figure out a way to get all these things documented!

Tamizhvendan S04:10:18

Thanks. A list in the Readme file may help!


Yeah, it’s just quite hard to maintain it that way. On a related topic: I am experimenting with using Readthedocs for user documentation. Have a look, if you like:


Maybe it is easier to fit in settings documentation there…

Tamizhvendan S05:10:11

Nice.. Documentation is hard. Thanks for all your efforts 🙂


Why don’t you try to hack some on Calva? 😃 ❤️