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when perform a db/history query, how can I get only datoms that have the same db/txInstant?


db/txInstant is an attribute of a transactions so I'm guessing you want to access all datoms asserted by a transaction?


yes, that's right. When performing db/history and filtering for a single datom, I find the entity that I want to but it brings back all other datoms of the history. I would like to get back only the datoms asserted by the transaction of the datom that I am using to filter the query. [confusing? :/]


You should be able to filter like this:

[?tx :db/txInstant <your-instant>]
[?e ?a ?v ?tx ?op]


That should show you only the datoms of the tx you're interested in.


That is going to be extremely inefficient if e or a are unbound


If you have a specific tx and you want to know what happened in it, use the log and tx-range instead


Yes, but @UBSREKQ5Q said they know what entity they want to so I assumed ?e is already bound to something. But if not, @U09R86PA4 is right, do not do that 🙂


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