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Hello, could it be that there is no pprinting in cljs repl. In clj repl everything works fine. Minimal test case: (repeatedly 6 #(-> {:foo {:bar :buzz}}))


@fnumatic: that definitely seems to be the case. Please file as an issue. Awesome test case!


Cider doesn't support this


There's an open pr


Or rather, piggieback doesn't.


Dear Calva-friends. I had a brief chat with Nikita Prokopov (aka @tonsky) about Clojure Warrior, which is today bundled with Calva. He is no longer a VS Code user and his bandwidth doesn’t really suffice to take care of the extension. It is stable and such, so there is not a lot of maintenance to it, but it has a quite annoying glitch that needs to be fixed. Anyway, I suggested that it be a part of Calva instead and he liked that idea a lot. So here’s a version of Calva which includes the CW code instead of bundling it as a separate extension. It is not a very big change in Calva, so really should just work. But, just in case, please give it a spin, and let me know how you fare:


Clojure Warrior takes care of a very important part of Clojure coding, I would say, so it makes total sense that the Calva Team takes care of it.

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Speaking about the Calva Team. I have the pleasure to announce that @c.fehse has accepted to join the Calva Team. Christian has showed with his many PRs and the way he interacts with me and @slack1038, that he understands Calva, and that he cares about that it is a maintainable project. I am super happy about this, and especially appreciate that he tries to bring more structure into the work with Calva. Anyone who has hacked on Calva lately will have noticed and appreciated that he has streamlined the development a lot. Now anyone with Clojure and VS Code installed is tops five minutes away from tweaking Calva in the development environment: Fork, clone, open in VS Code, build, run, tweak the code, restart, and enjoy your tweaked Calva. Sweet as sweet can be!

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Hey, really glad to hear that, as I care about Calva a lot and I’m happy, that the burden/pleasure of maintaining it is now spread among more people. I hope that more people join this wonderful project.

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That is awesome. I've witnessed his contributions making things better/easier while I was hacking on Calva.