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John Preston11:09:51

Hi I'm having an issue with Calva, how can I select text output from a function called in the REPL? The cursor and shortcuts are very different, I guess because of paredit?


Hi! I’m not sure I follow what it is you want to do…

John Preston11:09:08

Sorry I'll take a screenshot to demonstrate

John Preston11:09:43

Thanks for your patience 🙂

John Preston11:09:32

So I run a function, get a string return, I want to select it and copy the text, but I think my keyboard shortcuts have collided, I can't right click to get a context menu etc

John Preston11:09:55

Oh, wait, it seems to be working now

John Preston11:09:05

my bad sorry! ¯\(ツ)


It can be a bit quirky, unfortunately…


There is also a command for copying the result of the last evaluation: ctrl+alt+c ctrl+c. FYI.

John Preston11:09:11

Ah thanks that might be useful 🙂

John Preston11:09:40

I'm not used to paredit / structural editing, I'm used to standard text, so I find the REPL quite confusing still wrt keycombos


Yes, that is threshold. I tend to use mostly normal editing spiced up with these paredit commands: • Expand selection: ctrl+w (should probably be moved to vscode’s expand selection feature, but Calva’s predates that one a lot).. • Slurp forward: ctrl+right. • Barf forward: ctrl+left.


If you’re on a mac the slurp and barf default shortcuts might conflict with mission control. The README has a section about that.


How to configure Calva to use an alias in deps.edn to start nrepl?


@maxp: you should get a prompt with a list of the aliases from deps.edn to choose from, when you Jack in. Ain’t happening?


I see the prompt and choose my alias but still Executing task: clojure -Sdeps '{:deps {nrepl


my alias named 'nrepl' and ot defines some extre-deps and paths


So you want your alias to replace the default deps?


sorry.... it it my fault... there are checkboxes! ^) I have to check 🙂


Oh. Yes…. There is an issue about that and shadow-cljs on github.


But there it breaks so more obvious.


We should probably say something about this in the README. It is standars vscode UI, but people trip on it.


When I press Enter in the middle of the line cursor moved down and jumps back on the same line. How to disable this behaviuor?


Sounds like a bug.


I already switched off all Paredit checkboxes in config - I use Parinfer.


Hmmm, maybe it is parinfer doing it then.


Which paredit boxes are there to check, even?


Calva and parinfer do not play all that well together.


Calva-fmt: all switched of except last "trailing whitespaces"


It might be a parinfer issue. Try with Calva disabled.


.. or may be it is parinfer problem... but it works fine before Calva...


Yes, it could be Calva + parinfer too. It is not a good match, unfortunately.


Dear Calva-friends: Calva Jack-in is about to get a fresh-up, adding something we have named Connect Sequences. @slack1038 and I have been cooking on this feature quite some time and now we need your help with testing both that it doesn’t break things that previously worked and that it indeed works in delivering the new feature(s). You can read about how this is supposed to work here:

calva 4

@gerred: ^ This build ^ contains the myAliases feature as well, so you should be able to help testing it w/o losing that. (Of course, nothing else might work, but we will be as quick as we can to fix issues.)


killer thank you


on it. 🙂

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i'm about to do some vs code live share stuff with some people to teach some clojure


what should I expect works/doesn't work, are there open issues?


No known issues really.