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@johnjelinek, that's something we yet need to implement. I haven't investigated it enough to know how much work it is. However, there is a way to show each other evaluations. Have you used the Evaluate to comment feature? It will insert the evaluations as a ;; comment in the file. Then you can undo to make it go away.

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My colleague wrote cider-spy on this space years ago.


Cool! I am hoping that the Live Share API:s will let me fix this properly, but really good to know about that cider-spy way of doing it.


Dear calva-friends: We need testing help here. I started out trying to fix the bugs with the calva.projectRootDirectory setting and ended up removing it instead. Calva jack-in, as well as connect, now require you to have a file in your project open before they continue with attaching to your project. This makes it easy to select which project in a multi-project workspace jack-in and connect will apply to. NB: It is still not possible to open arbitrarily many REPL connections per VS Code window. Please vote for that here: This change got quite big, and touches several crucial parts of the jack-in and connect code, so please help with putting this to some testing. @slack1038 and I have tested it, found bugs, fixed bugs and so on for some days now. Our last testing found it an improvement of the current public Calva release, so hopefully it shouldn't disrupt your Clojure work to use this build instead.


@pez on it

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also live share does have apis for this


@pez, seems to behave itself for my cases

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@pez did highlighting change on (comment ...)? it's dimmed. any way to make it not dim, or if I'm in comment, make it bright and dim the rest of the codebase?


oh, found it


comment form style!


and now I see this is clojure warrior (👋 @tonsky) and not calva, so disregard. 🙂