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Vincent Cantin23:08:42

hi @wilkerlucio, thank you for sharing pathom, that’s a great library, with great ideas.

Vincent Cantin23:08:34

I started to read the whole documentation and noticed some typos here and there. I am going to provide a PR at some point.


@vincent.cantin hello, thanks for looking it up, if you like to help with docs typos, I'm currently rewriting a lot of parts of docs, so master is quite outdated about it, but you can see the new things progress at:


so if you like to collaborate, please do on top of that

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moving from a single file things to many files, and using to generate the output

Vincent Cantin23:08:33

Maybe that’s something that should be written on the on the master, so new comers who like to stay on the edge can go to read the doc-v2 directly, while knowing that it is a WIP - reading the documentation is a long process, people usually don’t want to do it twice.


yeha, its just I'm doing some re-organization as well, the risk of moving then there now is looking at things that may not make sense, given that, the new docs will be way more friendly for peoplo to edit, with buttons to edit each page in the output, I hope I get those out soon, but you know, there always this time thing

Vincent Cantin23:08:38

I will try to help.

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