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Hi @pez - thanks for making Calva - it's nice to have a lightweight Clojure editor in VS Code. I'm trying to jack in to a shadow-cljs project - and when I run the ctrl-c ctrl-j it seems to execute the command correctly and I can access the repl via the browser. However the status bar in VS Code says 'Launching REPL using shadow-cljs' and 'Disconnected' - When I try to evaluate an s expression, a 'Not Connected to REPL' error pops up - am I missing something?


This is on linux


Thanks, @chris547 , that should work maybe you have some outdated nrepl and/or CIDER deps in your project files?


Thanks for getting back to me! Am I supposed to declare anything in files other than the shadow-cljs.edn file? Like in my profiles.clj or something else? (This is a new project just to test out shadow-cljs and calva)


I can connect after the jack-in starts - and then the CLJS Repol opens - however, if I try to execute commands from the editor they get sent to the jack in output window and not the CLJS repl


With Calva Jack-in you are rather supposed to clean your project files from nrepl/cider dependencies. What kind of commands are you executing in the editor?


Any commands (+ 1 1) (println "hello") - anything.


There are separate commands for evaluating in the REPL window. Are you aware of that?