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Faisal Hasnain02:07:48

How Aleph compares to Immutant? What are the tradeoffs? It seems Netty is more performant than Undertow. But Undertow is sponsored by Red Hat. Are there any production stories of Aleph?

Faisal Hasnain19:07:21

Great talk, thanks for sharing 🙂


@faisalhasnain90 I think it's hard to compare Aleph with immutant. Aleph is made to serve ring applications and can power asynchronous logic well by building on top of manifold


I think many people use Aleph in production (including me). #yada is built on top of Aleph. Maybe you want to ask there too


I recall that immutant is no longer maintained


The team were looking for a new maintainer

Faisal Hasnain19:07:19

I see, thanks for the updates. I think, it would be fairly straight forward to use Netty under the hood without Aleph Clojure abstractions for server side libraries like Pedestal/Reitit.

Faisal Hasnain19:07:08

@jeroenvandijk Thanks, It would be interesting to have more facts on Pedestal vs Yada: