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Mark Addleman02:07:07

When I try to open one of my deps.edn projects with latest IntelliJ + Cursive, I get this exception

Mark Addleman02:07:11

This is from idea.log


this is a known issue that's being actively worked on:

Mark Addleman14:07:05

fyi - IntelliJ to 2019.1 doesn't have this problem.


Yes, this is new in 2019.2.


Anyone seeing “Couldn’t read deps.edndeps.edn (No such file or directory)”


happens when I try to import a project or just start the IDE on an existing one that tries a refresh


I switch from CLI to internal lib and that seems to have fixed it


must be a homebrew issue


got it, thx…I did downgrade


Hey guys, I was wondering, is there a way to in the debug REPL run all leiningen tests? I know how to run an individual test and all tests in a file, but not how to do all of them.




(Sorry, finally able to get back to this) So, amusingly, this does seem to work, but also runs all the unit tests. on the clojure ns as well. Which I'm perfectly willing to tolerate, as most of my time is spent on the tests for the code I'm actually working on.


I also think (I need to look at the return some more) that this might be running the tests on all of the dependencies as well. And I'm not sure everything is being imported properly either. I'll have to keep playing around with this (unless someone else has a more complete answer?)


for those on a mac, how have you customized your key-bindings such that you can navigate between editor tabs? both intelliJ shortcuts for tab navigation are overridden by cursive


i don't use tabs, instead i use the more keyboard and search-friendly Recent Files/Locations pop-up to navigate between files:


I use AceJump lite (the non light version is very buggy), its a navigation thing, it allows to jump to any character in any visible buffer quite quickly


I just set CTRL-TAB CTRL-SHIFT-TAB so it works like a browser


I remapping mine for min finger movement since it’s such a common operation. It’s now CMD-N which invokes the “switcher”, non-standard but easy to reach


I’m also tab free


@tony.kay ah! I didn’t realize about those browser shortcuts! I had been using command-shift-[ or ] for moving between tabs since it is also universal across mac apps.