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Can you run with .14 some @hoppy and try see if it really is problematic or not? I have no other reports saying it would be, and the bundling is important. It's only a matter of time before it becomes a requirement.


Hey Peter, is it possible, that instead of using the new CLJ REPL window, I open a normal lein repl, either in the terminal window of VS Code or in iTerm2 and execute commands, such as Loan current namespace etc. against this repl?


In other words, can I not use CLJ REPL, but fallback to a normal repl?


Not currently, @sasho.popov. The new repl replaced the terminal integration Calva had before. So now you can of course do lein repl :connect and attach to the repl that Calva started, but you won't get any help with executing Calva commands against it.


I think that that wouldn't be to hard to add, though, and I lean towards that it should be added.

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Maybe an easy toggle where you can switch between the repl window and the terminal as the receiver of those commands. Something like that.


@sasho.popov, can you file a feature request on github with this? It’ll take a while before I can work with it, but if it’s visible at the repo, maybe someone else decides to do it.


Thank you for clarifying, Peter! This made the issue more clear.


Good feedback! I was wondering if I instead muddled things. 😃

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