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@d.ian.b Looks like you hit some bug in emidje or whatever middleware is providing this op.


@benedek Seems like some regression in the recent commits (I’m thinking it is probably


We had forgotten to bump the version of clj-refactor.el to snapshot and when I did this I had to also push a new snapshot of the middleware to match it, which revealed the problem.


@kingcode I’m sorry to hear about your painful upgrade experience. 0.15 -> 0.21 represents a couple of years of development, plus the big switch to the new nREPL. Generally it’s a good idea to always stick to the latest CIDER and avoid such big upgrades. I also plan to address this to some extent by adding some upgrade notes for the different releases.


thanks @bozhidar for looking into it


yeah could have. wonder how the tests passed tho?!


Me too. Maybe they didn’t cover the part the blew up?


yeah plausible explanation ;)


@bozhidar Oh no apologies needed! I love your work and everything Cider :) Actually it took only about an hour to recover from the upgrade, and I only need to set up a few key bindings...Looking forward to discovering the new version! Thank you!


You’re welcome! I guess a good starting point would be


As said above, my own troubles had to do with dependencies relying on the old tools.nrepl - this will get easier in the future


Yep, this was a one time thing and it’s not going to happen again.

Ian Fernandez13:06:06

how can I make cider jack-in ask for a profile before jack-in?


Thank you Bozhidar, I will make sure to read this up, sorry for not doing that first (in a bit of a crunch) - thanks for your fantastic work!


@d.ian.b Just use C-u before the jack-in command.

cider 4
Ian Fernandez13:06:53

I'm using this, but I want some command to detect if lein, if deps, if boot, ask for profile

Ian Fernandez13:06:02

in the jack-in

Ian Fernandez13:06:11

maybe I'll make this haha

Ian Fernandez13:06:33

I'm learning some of elisp


We had this in the early version of CIDER, but it was removed in favour of a more generic way to customize the jack-in command.


Otherwise it was a slippery slope if we started to add different prefixes or commands for everything someone might want to alter.


And I see to recall that not every tool had the notion of a profile, which also made it problematic to support such thing out of the box.


Adding a small local wrapper should be trivial.

Ian Fernandez17:06:35

aw, understood, thanks