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trying to use sync to block until writes have been indexed and hitting this error:

(crux/sync system #inst "2019-06-19T01:00:48.418-00:00" (Duration/ofMillis 10))
; => java.time.Duration cannot be cast to java.lang.Number
it works when timeout = nil (Duration/ofMillis 10) also works by itself


Hi again, I haven't attempted to reproduce this yet, but did you figure it out already? There is an example in the tests which suggests the timeout should be working (this is a long shot...) does (Duration/ofSeconds 10) also not work for you there?


The 2-arity call works. It breaks at 3, when there is both , a ^Date transaction-time and ^Duration timeout. I'm currently passing nil for timeout which works


Yep this looks like a bug, I opened an issue. Again, we will take a look on Monday's standup:


(also sorry I misread your code the first time around!)

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FYI i think the version number mentioned in the docs โ€œโ€19.06-1.6.0-alphaโ€" isnt available in central repository, whereas the version mentioned on is ok โ€œ19.06-1.1.0-alphaโ€

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is there a video of yesterdays meetup?


Hi ๐Ÿ™‚ yes, coming soon! It generously recorded by Funding Circle. Fingers crossed it looks and sounds okay. I will circulate the slides and links for everything in any case


great! please do ๐Ÿ™‚

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i also needed to add an :event-log-dir setting when following the subsequent standalone system steps

(def ^crux.api.ICruxAPI system
  (crux/start-standalone-system {:kv-backend "crux.kv.memdb.MemKv"
                                 :db-dir "data/db-dir-1"}))
Execution error - invalid arguments to crux.bootstrap.standalone/start-standalone-system at (standalone.clj:85).
{:kv-backend "crux.kv.memdb.MemKv", :db-dir "data/db-dir-1"} - failed: (contains? % :event-log-dir)
(def ^crux.api.ICruxAPI system
  (crux/start-standalone-system {:kv-backend "crux.kv.memdb.MemKv"
                                 :db-dir "data/db-dir-1"
                                 :event-log-dir "log"}))
Jun 19, 2019 1:42:43 PM$eval1576$fn__1579 invoke
WARNING: Using fsync on MemKv has no effect.
Jun 19, 2019 1:42:43 PM$eval1576$fn__1579 invoke
WARNING: Using sync? on MemKv has no effect. Persistence is disabled.
=> #'user/system


Glad you weren't too stumped by this. It is on our radar as of yesterday. I think it unintentionally slipped through as a regression in a recent commit, see