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Is still the case that the standard output of say (println "hi") goes into the “Calva says” window and not in the actual “Clojure REPL” terminal?


I’m used in CIDER where stdout goes into the single REPL buffer, but also (I think, at least logs) to the original REPL that was started outside of CIDER. Of course I’m using deps.edn to start an nrepl server there, and for Calva I’m using lein, so there’s many variables to consider.


@pez I redid the default handling grammar & tests in the cson and coffee files instead. Let me know if anything needs changing 👍


@orestis, We have not fixed that yet.


@pez Cool, I was just wondering. Thanks!


I had some tests at work where this was a real bother, but I fixed the tests in that case. 😃


Thanks for the updates, @tomd. That was exactly what I meant by the tests showing the intent with your changes.

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@tomd new version of calva-fmt published, with your change being the novelty. The only drawback I could find was for when I code in the Sursilvan dialect of Romansh, and only in very rare cases even then, but that’s OK. 😄

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Haha 😆 such a shame!